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DIAD and TEKS present at Professional Motorsport World Expo

30 January 2013

AdampGas partners TEKS, DIAD, AMRC and WZL attended the “Professional Motorsport World Expo” event, held on 13-15th November 2012 in Cologne. DIAD and TEKS had a joint stand and presented the straight toothed racing gears, produced using AdmapGas High Speed Wire EDM technology (corresponding to the “demo 5” of the ...Read more »

Final Meeting

14 January 2013

The final meeting to present and discuss the very good achievements of  the admapgas project is being held at RWTH Aachen on the 15th and 16th January 2013. ...Read more »

Coming events

ICTM Aachen »

20 February 2013

Advanced Manufacturing Processes for
Gas-Engine Turbine Components

High market demand for gas turbines in the aircraft industry has driven the need for more efficient, reliable and flexible manufacturing technologies for the production of turbine components.

Find out more about how ADMAP-GAS strives to meet these demands »

Progress beyond state of the art

ADMAP-GAS will evaluate Water Jet Cutting (WJC) and High Speed Wire Electro Discharge Machining (High Speed Wire-EDM) as alternatives to broaching, a machinging operation known to experience problems with high tool wear resulting in high maintenance costs, disruption of the production process and inflexibility with regard to changes in the workpiece geometry.

ADMAP-GAS for Industry

ADMAP-GAS strives for the production of gas turbine components that are efficient, cheap and environmentally safe. The project aims to achieve low tool manufacturing costs, low maintenance costs, continuous production processes, flexible and fast change in production lines, requirement of less machining space and easy correcting of process inaccuracies.


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ADMAP-GAS is a collaborative project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. ADMAP-GAS addresses the relevance to the call by the “development of techniques for increased flexible tooling” for the manufacture of gas turbine components.

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